The seventeenth-ranked princess, Suyeong, had quite a shock that day. She could hardly move. Hwan-Seok’s nasty reputation was well known among the princesses. If they dared say anything to him other than usual greeting he might slap them. He had punched the first-ranked princess, Seah-Hwang, and kicked the seventh-born princess, Heeyeong Kang, at my coming-of-age ceremony. Yet, here he was, getting along amiably with the thirty-third ranked princess, Sang-Hee.

Suyeong had never imagined that Prince Hwan-Seok was capable of speaking at such a length with a princess. Even more shocking was that Princess Sang-Hee had been educated on the poisoning of the 3rd prince, Clion, by the 4th prince, Steven, in the 8th year of the Aures calendar.

To Princess Suyeong, Sang-Hee might as well have been a foreign language. Educating girls was a was of resources. They were expected merely to keep their bodies in good health to give birth to sons but Princess Sang-Hee was different.

Even though Sang-Hee was only eight and still physically small, she studied feverishly every night. She had no other choice If she wished to keep the company of the men who had the advantage of magical skills. Sang-Hee had to work twice as hard.

Sang-Hee answered the question thrown at her without hesitation then asked Hwan-Seok for answers to a few, flattering him in the process. Observing the interaction, Suyeong thought Sang-Hee might actually know all the answers.

Her hunch was correct. Sang-Hee carefully gave just the right number of wrong answers to flatter Prince Hwan-Seok. Princess Sang-Hee could not afford to be seen as a threat if she wanted to survive.

Hwan-Seok began his next question. “Which prince is considering the greates—”

Princess Sang-Hee cut him off, “YOU! You are the greatest prince in history!” Princess Sang-Hee said this with much ardor and with a doting look on her face. Princess Suyeong waited for the punishment sure to follow. How dare a lowly female interrupt a prince? But nothing happened. Princess Suyeong endured one shock after another.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a letter for my fiance.”

Without waiting for Sang-Hee’s consent, Hwan-Seok read the letter then tore it up. “I don’t like it.”

I had worked hard on that letter! Writing the letter had been an emotional rollercoaster ride with my head flooded with thoughts of my old life with my Jinsu. When I tried to separate the two Jinsus, I recalled the scrawled thoughts of love Jinsu of this world had sent me. These thoughts crowded my mind and pained my heart. As crazy as this sounds, I half hoped that there might be some link between the Jinsu of my old like and the Jinsu of this one. This feeling grew stronger when I recalled his thoughtfulness toward me whom he had only met once at just four years of age. The face I had desperately longed to see as I was dying haunted my thoughts.

The words, “Dress warmly. It’s cold.” repeated in my head. I even saw it in my imagination that he had spent six hours writing that letter! And I had spent over twenty hours. I had to firmly remind myself that this Jinsu was not the one I had loved in my old life and harden my heart.

The first-born brat tore it to shreds, “Clean up the trash.”

Containing my rage was difficult. No matter if I wee his favorite, lashing out at a prince would earn me death.

Chirping, “Yes, Your Majesty. I’ll clean it up!” I did as I was told. I picked up each torn shred, fighting to keep the tears at bay. For eight years, I’ve done everything in my power to anticipate the whims of those around me; no matter how distasteful, how abhorrent I still did everything I could to win the favor of those who held my life in their hand.

Don’t cry! I admonished myself. You can’t give up yet. You still have a long road ahead of you. I felt defeated. I was humiliated before the seventeenth-born princess who had sought my advice.

I am nothing more than a favored pet among the princes; I am without dignity. Self-doubt crept in, and I wondered if I’d ever be able to make an impact in this world.

I said to myself, Sang-Hee, pull yourself together.

Then, to add insult to injury, I heard “Fetch!”

As soon as I saw the ragdoll come flying, I burst into tears. I tried to suppress my cries and be quiet since Hwan-Seok was still reading nearby.

Hwan-Seong with his super hearing noticed my muffled sniffles and turning to Suyeong, glowered. “Did you make her cry?” He turned to me, “Who made you cry?”

Hwan-Seok rose from his chair quietly and walked over to us. “What are you doing here, Hwan-Seong? Can’t you see I am reading?”

Hwan-Seong, suddenly unsure of himself, answered, “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Don’t make excuses.”

Hwan-Seok glanced at Sang-Hee whose eyes were brimming with tears and turned to Suyeong. “Pick that up.”

Hwan-Seok, “Why should my dog pick up the tissue you threw”

Hwan-Seok vanished into thin air and appeared before Suyeong. “Don’t you have ears? Have you forgotten my warning already?”

Trembling, Suyeong began, “Y-Your Majesty…”

Hwan-Seok grabbed Suyeong’s chin, raising it slightly.

“Why did you put that trash on my Mutt’s desk?”

Then he said, without even turning around, “Hey, Mutt!”

Eyes dry now, Sang-Hee chirped cheerfully, “Yes, Your Majesty”

He ordered, “Close your eyes.”

Sang-Hee did not understand why, but she closed her eyes obediently. Hwan-Seok had hardly ever given her an order before. Sang-Hee usually was the first to approach him with compliments or offers of shoulder massages.

“Cover your ears.”

She said, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

She covered her ears dutifully. An odd, prickly hot then suddenly cold sensation washed over. Hwan-Seok had cast a spell to prevent her from seeing and hearing, but women could not always recognize it when it was used.

A few moments passed, and then Sang-Hee heard Hwan-Seok say, “Mutt, open your eyes.”

“Your Majesty, I was so frightened!”

And she really had been. Deprived of her senses, she had felt cast away in the abject darkness.

“Out of my way,” Hwan-Seok pushed her aside, That…jerk. She swallowed her anger. It was clear he had intentionally pushed her harder than usual.

Sang-Hee suddenly noticed Suyeong’s disappearance.

She looked for her Suyeong but she was nowhere to be found. Turning to Hwan-Seok, Sang-Hee chimed, “Brother, I wanted to spend some time with you. Where are you going?”

Hwan-Seok stopped short, “Quiet!”

“Sorry, I was bothering you.”

Before Hwan-Seok left the room, he pointed, “The second drawer of the desk.”

Leaving her with just those word, he turned to go. I heard from a distance, “Finally!”


Now, now….just what happened to that 17th princess? and Sang-Hee gambare~ \OvO/ JUST WHAT MADE THAT TSUNDERE, Hwan-Seok snap? Are you guys cuuuuurious???



      1. :^0000
        Thank you Eunie I would love more chapters but you should go at the pace you want-no rush!! I am very happy at the pace this novel is releasing so I don’t really mind waiting a bit ^-^

        >:^( You are forbidden from tiring yourself out by translating

        But this just shows the power of kissing up and flatery. :^) I learn from the very best *cough* MC

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      2. Well before I picked this up, I’m a reader of various novels myself so I know how it feels to want to read the next chapter as soon as possible. :3 and that after doing the updates myself did I realize how time consuming this is. lol. I still have free time myself so it’s okay. It’s just that once school starts then my release will obviously get slower so while I still have the chance I want to get over her childhood phase and some other minor arcs. Cause there’s lots of action waiting on the mid-arcs >.<

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      3. hueeeh….ads? donation? O\\\O for now well i don’t really know. lol. I’m using the free ver. of wordpress anyways so any ads you see atm won’t really give me profit. xD donation bar and stuff, I haven’t really decided my options for those. I did purchase the whole novel and only the first half of the manhwa but I’m broke rn so as embarrassing as it is I can’t even get the premium wordpress kuuh!! ( well, I kinda spent all my savings for gm and stuff TTOTT so the fault lies with me.) But I am thinking of getting a patreon to post the full manhwa or something it’s just that for now I’m trying to familiarize myself with the whole thing and checking out my options. BUT IT SUPER MAKES ME HAPPY that someone is actually thinking of donating~(❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿)

        I’ll give you guys a heads up though if I settled on something, for now let us all enjoy Sang-Hee charming her way in to her brothers and father ^^

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  1. Ah, sad chapter. Even when she’s getting (comparatively) doted on, she still ends up getting hurt hard by these guys’ callousness. When will the day come that this little sister gets properly pampered, I wonder.

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    1. Just read on and I swear you just can’t help but adore those idiot brothers of Sang-Hee. I was the same when I started reading the novel but really, ************* it’s gonna be a spoiler but just…just hang in there!! >.<


  2. Its rather telling the society they live in, that these lil shitbags are a product of their environment, but heres the thing, when a revolution arises, and it will when people have had an ass full of their shit, that there hierarchy will come tumbling down, if science ever rears its logical head into the fray, those without power will suddenly have it, and by the sounds of things, women overwhelmingly outnumber the men, but then again they all seem like supermen, what kryptonite can women find to magically castrate these fkers.

    A revolution needs to happen, if woman could find a way to only produce female children that would be a start, unfortunately men dictate the sex of babies, breeding males out of existence is unrealistic for sure we still need them to procreate, there seed at least are needed.,

    They must find a way to fight back, trying to change the status quo wont happen, even with her Brother being a non magic endowed male means nothing, it is doubtful that he will inherit his fathers power or influence, nor will the powers that be relinquish their foundation that keeps them in this power structure.

    I dont want to see a Sycophant MC constantly sucking male dick, I want a revolution, but it seems we are only going to get her fluffy love for Pedo Jinsu out of this story, how distasteful, that really does leave a bitter aftertaste.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *Well believe me or not I have the same thought when I first read this like will she just maintain the status quo just like that? Will that all she ever do? “Charm her way” on the next arc she’ll see and be forced to look at the cruelty and reality of the world she’s in…rn all I could say is little by little there’s going to be the culmination of all those things she’ll see and experience and of course she can’t make a change by herself…this is just an observation as someone who finished the novel but she’ll unconsciously change the mentality of the guys around her as well as the ‘women’ around her. Like they can’t all be that passive and that “even I (a woman) can do something) And that there’s a darker secret on how things really came to be, like there could have been someone or something who altered the system and change the norms.

      *Women ganging up together to fight for their rights should also happen but with how they’ve been ingrained with that passive attitude, giving up and at the same time accepting “this is how it should be”, weak mentality and how the hierarchy is being well managed since before must have caused them to accept and be submissive to the hell-hole they live in. (Add up the fact that Men are the only ones who can use magic=fear)

      *For now it’s might seem all fluff but it isn’t gonna be that sucky. (Or else I wouldn’t bother picking this up😂 And well Jinsu will be a dick for a more chapters because….aaah. I really wanna say but it will be a really huge spoiler😭😭😭)

      Btw, I love knowing your descriptive and sound opinion!! Its very well thought👍🏻 and it’s just amazing to be able to know a reader’s thoughts about the novel~ (though I’m not really the author but just doing some sharing🌚🙈)


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