The King was seated on a gold throne. There was a long red carpet spread on the floor, with there were thirty-some scholars lined up on both sides.

The scholars were making an impassioned plea to the king. They chorused: “The princess should be given magic powers!” “She would become a great hero.” “Is it not true that we are in this state precisely because women are denied magical powers? “If the princess is able to use magic, it would bring great fortune to the Kingdom.”

They were anticipating that the King will outright refuse. Instead, he said unconcernedly, “Fine.”

The scholars were shocked in spite of themselves. As they departed, the King stopped them. “Are you sure it isn’t risky?”

According to our research, it isn’t risky. But we need to try experimentation on some children as subjects. We will offer compensation to their parents for their participation.”

The King assented. He asked, “Will there be side effects?”

There won’t be….because they’ll have to regularly ingest a male’s magic ability.”

“Cost will not be an issue. Spare no expense.”

“There won’t be a problem. She might begin to show male qualities. Even if she does not grow male sex organs, she might become neutered.”

“You’re saying that she’ll become like a man?”

“Yes, but wouldn’t that be a blessing?” (T/n: Ooopss, scholar-san who said this RIP)

The King wrinkled his forehead slightly, “No. We will not do that.”


The King answered earnestly, “I forbid it.”

The scholars were gathered in a room. One said, “Why has the King made that decision?”

Alex said, “He must not want to lose his daughter”

“Why would he be unwilling to lose her?”

Even their wealth of scholarly knowledge did not supply a plausible answer. That a girl would become a boy, even if she were not really male, would be a blessing. By growing a beard, growing taller, and becoming more muscular, she would be vastly improved.

“You only say that because you’ve never met Princess Sang-Hee. I agree with the King. We must find another way!”

“Please explain more,” They said.

“I’d like to introduce a new field of scholarly study,” Alex said. He smiled and then used magic to write a phrase on the chalkboard.

The words were “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

Oh!! Look Alex knows his stuff. pfffft.

The scholars were all aghast. The concept literally flabbergasted them, causing an uproar among them. “What nonsense!”


In another location in the palace grounds, seventeenth-ranked princess, Suyeong, had rounded eyes and still some baby fat which had the effect of making her seem cherubic. All the princesses looked like they could be movie stars because of Scumbag’s good looks, but Suyeong seemed angelic and vulnerable, always seeming she would cry at the slightest nudge.

“To what do I owe the honor of this visit, Princess Suyeong?” I was careful to seem respectful.

“Where’s your nanny?”

Sujin, who was both my nursemaid and servant, was in the room attached to mine. There was an intercom but lacking magical ability, I was unable to call her through it. My quarters were made up of my bedroom, bathroom, and another small room. A very thin wall separated the rooms. I tapped three times on the wall, and Sujin entered.

“Princess Sang-Hee, did you call? Oh, the seventeenth-ranked princess is here.” She bent her head in a bow.

Suyeong nodded, “Will you bring me some tea?”

“And what would you like Princess Sang-Hee?”


Tea would have been fine, but I was still eight. It was too early to put on any airs of self-importance. I was told I was smart for a girl but this did not make me any match for the men, who were gifted with their magic arts. I was only treated as special because of the knowledge I had brought with me from Earth. All I had was this little body of mine, so I was determined to avoid caffeine and drink milk as much as possible to grow tall and strong.

“Do you take sugar?”


I liked sugar in my milk now perhaps because I was in a child’s body. I would have been nauseated if I were handed an Americano.

“Princess Sang-Hee,” the older princess advised, “You need to behave more like a princess.”

“How?” I asked,

“You’ll look more genteel if you drink tea.”

How genteel could a twelve-year-old really be? While we were still children, we should act like children. How little you know young lady!

Suyeong did not have a particular reason to come looking for me. I was not surprised.

She said, “I want to be on your side.”

“My side?”

I knew what she meant but I feigned ignorance. There were now thirty-four princesses, counting the newborn, I had thirty-two older sisters and one younger sister (T/n: dang, KING! WHATCHA DOING?? lol.)  

Anyway, of this thirty-three, about twenty were in the camp of the first-ranked princess, Seah-Hwang, and the remaining ten were in my camp.

“Let’s simmer down, girls,” I wanted to say. “What do we have to gain by fighting one another? Don’t we all have a common enemy—the men? We are still too weak even when we are united!”

Perhaps if I had not come from Earth and had lived here all my life, I could relate to them more, but there was not much I could do.

“If the other girls found out I talked to you, they might turn on me too.”

And what if they did turn on you? How much worse would that be than the present? What if they did split up and fight amongst themselves? They had no real power anyway.

She then asked me how I gained the favor of the princes.

I just replied, “I’m not sure what you mean?”

What could I tell her? I could hardly tell her to pant like a dog and fetch on command or clutch at Scumbag’s legs endearingly or to kiss up to the pompous jerk. Hwan-Seok and act the lapdog. Tears began to well in my eyes. That wasn’t me! No, it certainly wasn’t I refuse to accept it!

But I responded, “I don’t know either. I don’t think there’s any special strategy or secret.”

That wasn’t technically true. Men here were very simplistic in one aspect. Their unchallenged supremacy made them susceptible to flattery and manipulation. Even if I told her that, she could not expect the same results. Not that I would trust you anyway.

With my coquetry, which I disguised as childish charm, I was winning the favor of our older brother, the Brats, and Scumbag. But what if it were to be discovered that this was not genuine but feigned? There’d be hell for me to pay, even for a princess, for daring to toy with men.

I thought instead, Maybe you can observe me in action when the Second-Born Brat shows up. It was about time for the Second-Born Brat to come back from work. Where are you Hwan-Seong?

I heard “Fetch!” but it wasn’t Hwan-Seong after all. It was Hwan-Seok, the evil incarnate. I found myself in a bind. He didn’t have a lovable bone in his body. He was pure evil. He would cut me with his words callously.

“Hwan-Seok, Your Majesty! I’m so happy to see you. My heart is a flutter.”

Hwan-Seok retorted, “The sounds of a fatal condition. I guess you don’t have long left to live.”

“Your Majesty!” I’m only eight. My face contorted as if to cry which seemed to bring immense satisfaction to the firstborn brat.

“Your Majesty, how do you do? I’m Princess Su–“

“Get out of my way!”


That ass. Hwan-Seok shoved her aside in the middle of her greeting. I wanted to pummel him! Then, I noticed Suyeong’s face turn white suddenly. Calm down. He has a frightful temper, but he wouldn’t go so far as to beat you. Then, it occured to me that I didn’t know for sure.

I pulled up a chair to stand on and started massaging Hwan-Seok’s shoulders with my tiny hands. Without paying any attention to me, he continued reading the history book. Had I asked him if he wanted his shoulders rubbed, he would have brushed me off as a nuisance. This way, he could enjoy the attention without seeming to care.  I must say his focus was impressive.

When he suddenly asks, “What happened in the 8th year of the Aures Calendar?”

In the 8th year on the Aure calendar, it was discovered that the fourth king, Steven, had poisoned the third prince, Clion and he was stripped of his magic abilities and sentenced to life imprisonment, leading to the revolt of the princes. He nodded and continued reading as if satisfied with my response. I saw my chance.

“I feel like you know everything, Your Majesty is truly remarkable!”

He was silent, and I continued, “How can I become as smart as you?”

My arms were getting very sore. He didn’t even tell me to rest. Those with magical abilities could never relate to those who struggled to make a physical effort.

“It’ll never happen.”

“Your Majesty is the Kingdom’s pride!” I giggled. You’re so full of yourself. See, the edges of your lips are curling up in a smug smile.


I can’t reply to all of you U_U but really THANKS FOR READING AND SUPPORTING THIS NOVEL~ I’ll try to post another chaptet today, so we can hurry and reach the next arc. Right now, Sang-Hee’s still eight and she’s still charming her way around xD btw who has seen/read Gakuen Babysitter? Aren’t they super adorable. First ep. has been released and it just really tugs on your heartstrings~




  1. Sang-Hee’s efforts are clearly bearing fruit with even the dad now. Heh. Anyway, I’m guessing all this stuff is fanart? It’s quite enjoyable to see these, so I’m glad you’re taking the extra effort to include them.

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      1. I only have the first season of the manhwa. Cause you’ve got to watch lots of ads to earn coins and I swear I watched more than a thousand ads just to unlock a few chapters of it. TToTT I did buy some coins using rm but I used it all up for this novel and another one, which I plan to post when we’re like in the mid-arc of IWBAAKD and sadly I’m pretty much broke rn. unless I go and use patreon on you guys then maybe I can purchase the remaining chapters (as it is still ongoing) and post it there but smh…-.-“

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