Hwan-Seong titled his head as he walked in with Hwan-Seok by his side.


“What’s going on in here?” he asked.

The princesses rushed over and curtsied introducing themselves in turn. Assuming these inferior creatures all knew of them, the prince did not introduce themselves in return, simply ignoring the greeting or nodding slightly.

Hwan-Seong looked at me quizzically, “Why is your dress wet?”

“She fell down and knocked over a cup of tea.” I heard someone say.

I could almost hear the others gulping nervously. Hwan-Seong was giggling in delight when he watched me fetch the ragdoll he had thrown. When will you get tired of playing this cursed game? 

RIP, Princess who slapped Sang-Hee u_u

Hwan-Seok glanced around. Unlike Hwan-Seong, his expression was icy. “Father wants you. There’s a maidservant waiting outside.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” I was not stupid enough to use his name here.

“Prince Hwan-Seong, go with her,” he commanded.

As I headed toward Scumbag’s quarters, I was privately elated. I congratulated myself at my victory, however small. I know I am phony and calculating, but we all must do what we must to survive.

Why is he summoning me now? It was the first time that princes had entered the hall during a girl’s coming-of-age party during this king’s reign. It was sure to elicit envy, but I knew a great honor has been bestowed upon me.

We walked quietly along and then Hwan-Seong said again, “Fetch, Mutt!”

I wanted to pummel him.

The door of the hall closed.

Hwan-Seok walked to the table and set down the thick book he had been carrying. He then gestured to Princess #1, Seah Hwang.


“Yes, Your Majesty?” she replied.

She walked quickly to Hwan-Seok. Hwan-Seok kicked her square in the stomach. She barely managed to stifle her cry of pain. It was forbidden for princesses to cry out when being struck by a prince. Fortunately, he had not used magic. If he had, the princess would not have recovered.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“Yes?” she asked.

Hwan-Seok sat on the table and said: “Everyone, kneel.”

All thirty-two princesses knelt.

He said, “I’ll spare the one that tells the truth.”

All the princesses paled. Finally, Seah, the oldest told the truth. He strode over to Heeyeong, who had thrown tea on Sang-Hee. Heeyeong, while trembling in terror, tried to blame others.

Hwan-Seok grinned malevolently. He grabbed Heeyeong’s chin. “This is just a warning.”

He raised his fist and struck her face. Brushing his hands, “You’re lucky I didn’t use magic.”

Heeyeong hurried to stand up again so as not to be rude to a prince, but Hwan-Seok planted his foot on her face. “If anything like this happens again, I will kill you.”

This was not an empty threat. A prince could certainly do away with a princess if he had the inclination. He scanned the room, “You can’t tease someone else’s little dog without the owner’s permission.”

There was a long silence.


“If anyone wants to die, try me.”

The princesses still kneeling bowed to the departing prince.

Scumbag was certainly living up to my nickname for him. Even after he had summoned me, he was ill-mannered enough not to show up.

“Hwan-Seok, what were you doing?”

“Took care of some shit.”

“I’m bored,” Hwan-Seong complained. “Want to play fetch with our little Mutt?”

Please. No. I wanted to plead with Hwan-Seok to stop his younger brother. You are a full year older than your brother! Teach him right from wrong!

While Hwan-Seong was just mischievous, Hwan-Seok was truly evil. Hwan-Seok glanced at me, “Mutt.” Opening the door, he indicated I should follow.

No, it can’t be!

We had stepped into a corridor at least one hundred meters long. Hwan-Seok hurled the ragdoll as hard as he could. You used magic! You clearly used magic! He looked at me expectantly.

Behind us, Hwan-Seong was shouting in excitement, “Fetch, Mutt!”

Then someone stopped to pick up the ragdoll.

MY 4TH RELEASE!! DANG, I feel possessed for being such a hard worker and it is creeping me out.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*( ͡ꈍ ͜ʖ̫ ͡ꈍ )*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Well, I don’t really think Hwan-Seok was that evil and it feels like he’s just on that borderline of being a Yandere who’s definitely a tsundere siscon.




  1. Yeah, getting real yan vibes here. Though, I suppose, that’s more from our perspective since the setting here has this kind of relationship being the typical standard of things. Anyway, glad you picked this up.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh geeze. O_O It is a double-edged sword to be protected by those in power, but usually it spares you physical danger at the cost of lots of envy and hatred… I say this thinking of what I know of dangerous high schools, but I wonder if it scales up that way in most cultures.


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